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September summary

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Here’s what happened in September!

Our new faces are an orphaned baby pigeon, some lovebirds, a papillion puppy who will be trained in agility before he will be available to adopt, and a German Shepard, who will be trained according to Schutzhund Training standards in hopes to one day be a K9 officer.

You probably know about the kitchen fire that happened early in the month. Thank you to everyone who donated money or supplies, I was able to replace everything that was lost and take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again! Amazingly, no one was injured in the fire but our beloved Batsby succumbed to smoke inhalation a few days later.

I also lost my wonderful service dog Ella to old age. That was really hard. It still is, every day. Mojo has some really big paws to fill as my new service dog in training but he’s doing great! (I've been getting inquiries for him, but please note that because he's my service dog and not up for adoption.)

In much better news, the baby pigeon is doing great! He has most of his feathers, can finally eat seeds, and he’s learning to fly.

More good news - I’ve made an arrangement with a neighboring farmer to use a plot of land! Right now we're building the fencing and the goats will be taken there daily to clear out the weeds. The goal is to transform that space into a dog training area. Stay tuned for updates!

Speaking of training, I am offering remote dog training sessions. I am currently working with a client in the US and accepting inquiries for new clients. If you are interested, please contact me!

I also did two talks for Kobe Bilingual School (KOBILS) this month, one for kindergarten and one for elementary school. Lalah helped! I asked the younger kids to say hello to her, and when they did she replied with "ellow! Ahahahahahaa!" If you’re interested in a remote school talk, let me know!

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