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September 2023 summary

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Here’s what happened in September!

The most exciting piece of news is that Mina flew to the US for the first time and completed the certification course about running a lifesaving sanctuary through Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Utah University. Not just that, but she absolutely killed it with a 99.97% GPA!

The schedule was absolutely grueling, but she met loads of kind and hardworking people and got to spend time with dogs, goats, pigs, and learned a lot about caring for horses. She has had to turn down horses for AnimO due to lack of space, but the plan moving forward is to rebuild the sanctuary and include space for horses.

Before Mina went to Utah, the three toy poodles were relocated and brought to an adoption event. Luna has officially been adopted, and there is a family applying for the other two. We wish them all the best in their forever homes!

One more thing! Mina and Rick Bassman have officially launched The Pitbull Podcast! Video (YouTube):

Thank you to everyone on the AnimO Patreon, as well as everyone else that sent or brought packages of supplies. Every single donation is appreciated!

If you know someone who wants to support AnimO, or if you want to help more, there are lots of ways!

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