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November summary

Here’s what happened in November!

Six of the eight new faces in November are fruit bats. I’ve started working with Bat World Sanctuary and The Israeli Bat Sanctuary to try to get bats out of the pet trade in Japan. Rescuing these six have been hard-won accomplishments, but we have been able to save their lives and that’s just the beginning.

The seventh newcomer is a death row pittie who was named Kobi by the students at KOBILS where I gave a virtual talk in September. If you are interested in having me give a virtual talk for your school or a virtual tour for your children so they can meet some of their favorite animals, please message me! There is no charge for these, but donations are appreciated.

The eighth new arrival is a young injured raven, brought to AnimO by a Japanese couple during a live stream event. They found the bird in the road and had called several places and AnimO was the only one to say yes. The couple named him Crow, and we are doing a soft release - he is able to come and go as he wishes, and right now he eats breakfast and is gone for most of the day.

And one more thing to celebrate, the enclosure is finished and the peafowl are finally outside! They have room to strut and grasses to explore and they are living their best lives.

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