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December summary

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

We wrapped up the year with a big beginning: Bat World Japan! This new endeavor is coming to life under the guidance of Bat World Sanctuary, the world’s best known bat sanctuary, located in Texas, USA. Eventually Bat World Japan will have its own location, but until then I’m building the bats a huge flight area under the AnimO roof. If you want to see bat-specific updates, check out the Bat World Japan Facebook page! If you want to support Bat World Japan, donations are accepted through DonorBox.

Three new faces this month, all birds. Two are young pigeons, one is healthy enough to leave but chooses not to, the other is recovering from a serious broken leg. But the most notable new bird is a baby barn owl, and the first AnimO animal to have a celebrity godparent! This baby owl was named Ursa by none other than Bumblefoot, currently the amazing guitarist of Sons of Apollo (formerly of Guns N’ Roses).

I am also on Cameo! I made a Happy Birthday message featuring Kevin Bacon and a holiday greeting with dogs for a family. You can check those out here:

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