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December 2023 summary

Here’s what happened in December!

The most exciting news is that we have our first regular staff. Meet Chiyo! She works at AnimO four days a week and she has a real gift with animals. So far she has proven to be a great handler for cats, dogs, parrots, and she’s getting training to handle the hawks and monkey. She is a true blessing to AnimO and we are grateful to have her. We are trying to keep her on the payroll and adding to her hours until she is working full time.

Our GoFundMe is still active, so please consider donating! At time of writing, we have raised just over $7,000 out of a $15,900 goal. Almost halfway! We are in Phase 1 of our grand plan, and contributions will go toward improving existing facilities, keeping Chiyo on the payroll, obtaining official NPO status in Japan, and searching for a new property to relocate the sanctuary to build better facilities from the ground up.

This past month AnimO welcomed a new Harris hawk and a few dogs to be rehomed. Sadly the hawk, which was at least 10 years old, passed a few weeks later. An autopsy was performed to ensure that the cause wasn’t something that would put the other animals at risk, and the vet concluded that it was old age. 

Also unfortunately, one of the dogs (Belle) turned out to have a serious cancer diagnosis, a huge and inoperable malignant tumor on her uterine tract that spawned other tumors all over her body. Her passing was heartbreaking, but at least we had a chance to say goodbye and she spent her last days indoors, in a safe home where she was loved. One of the other dogs is currently not up for adoption because we are trying to figure out why she is having seizures.

However, we do currently have two Shibas available for adoption! We need the space for other animals in need of urgent help, so the usual adoption fee will be waived.

We also said a happy goodbye to a lovebird that was adopted by one of our followers to join his flock!

Mina also gave a talk for Tsukukba International School about animal welfare and related issues. This is something she does for free, and she has given many to kids of all ages over the last few years.

Mina’s appearances in December:

Facebook Livestream Dec 10 (meet Chiyo!):

Facebook Livestream Dec 17 (a visit from authorities and remembering Belle):

Thank you to everyone on the Patreon, as well as everyone else that sent or brought packages of supplies. Every single donation is appreciated!

If you know someone who wants to support AnimO, or if you want to help more, there are lots of ways!

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