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Bruno the dog

Happy healing Bruno!

Bruno came here a week ago today and this is a sum up of that first week. I'm gobsmacked at his drive to live. He's not letting any of his past stop him enjoying life.

He went from shaky, unstable, dehydrated, scabby and flaky, itchy, scared and all around miserable dog to a confident, peppy, still naked -but his skin is healing well and he's scratching a lot less, happy pooch.

I realize I didn't explain his name before. The name Bruno comes from one of my childhood heroes, Frank Bruno. He's a British boxer who has the best laugh (if you don't know, look for "Frank Bruno Laugh" on YouTube). I've been saving the name "Bruno" for such a special case.

The human Frank Bruno now raises money to fund boxing courses to help sufferers of mental health.

Still my hero 💞

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