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August 2023 summary

Here’s what happened in August!

AnimO took in a monkey from deplorable conditions, two wild baby birds were raised until they could be released, a small snake with a birth defect came from a breeder, and owners surrendered a snake that grew too big, two high-maintenance guinea pigs, an antisocial cockatiel, and a family of sugar gliders (one arrived pregnant, the males will be neutered as soon as possible).

Speaking of wild birds, if you or a friend find an abandoned baby bird, please contact a professional before doing anything with it! For the bird’s sake, please do not get advice from random people on social media. There are a lot of ways good-intentioned people can kill a bird by accident - by giving water and decreasing its body temperature too much, by giving it the wrong food, or by putting food into its windpipe instead of its esophagus to name a few. And sometimes the bird doesn’t actually need to be rescued, there was a call for a rescue this month that turned out to be a fledgling that was just wet from rain, and it was fine when it dried.

The family of sugar gliders came from an owner who wanted to give them their best life, but was given the wrong information when they bought the first two and quickly got in over their head. This is distressingly common in Japan - pet shops and even veterinarians have bad information that they pass along to their customers and clients. They say it’s fine to have a single sugar glider (they are happiest in small family groups), it’s okay to keep them in small cages (in the wild they glide from tree to tree all night), and new owners are rarely if ever given the guidance to neuter the males, so a pair can become a family quite fast.

In Mina news, I confess I’ve been keeping a secret. I have been secretly enrolled in an a certification course about running a lifesaving animal sanctuary by Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Southern Utah University. I’ve been attending classes remotely (at 4:30am Japan time!) and completing all the coursework with high marks, and in September I will fly to Utah to attend the final in-person portion of the course. They only give out one scholarship a year, and I am honored and humbled to be that person this year. It’s been a wild ride, and incredibly helpful.

Thank you to everyone on my Patreon, as well as everyone else that sent or brought packages of supplies. Every single donation is appreciated!

If you know someone who wants to support AnimO, or if you want to help more, there are lots of ways!

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